Galina Spassova, Owner Naturals BS

I worked with Rayna at Groupama Bulgaria where she was responsible for the PR and communications. She set up the local Intranet and managed the company website.

Mini_EventFurthermore, she launched the first website for the 8th International Meeting in Istanbul – 2014, which allowed participants to find on-line information about the event, agenda, speakers, etc. Rayna is very social, energetic and versatile person.

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Purvi & Tejas Oza Wedding

I know Rayna from SDSD (UK) where we worked together. She loves what she does. Communication is her passion and when making websites she is focused on every detail, so the final result is just fabulous!

Tejas Oza

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Katerina Maximova, International Banking Consultant

We had guests for our wedding from different parts of the world and it was very convenient to communicate online with them. All we had to do was print our wedding website link and access credentials on the invitation and all attendees had and still do access our wedding details and photos from everywhere.

Rayna’s approach is full dedication in everything she does – she is quick, reliable and never hesitates to go an extra mile when making websites – corporate or personal.

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