Event Management

What makes events memorable?

  • The idea behind;
  • Attention to detail from the big picture to the tiniest of details;
  • An eventful event manager that leaves footprints!

ING 10th anniversary

10 Events in 10 Days along the Orange Concept

  • Event 1 Orange lunch” Get closer to media
  • Event 2 “Start the wrapping of ING building in orange”
  • Event 3 “Proud to be ING employee” – Orange Day in the office
  • Event 4 “Orange weekend” – Staff presentations by years
  • Event 5 “Orange weekend” – Open-door challenges
  • Event 6 “ING – Open doors for students”
  • Event 7 “Orange ballet” – ING title sponsor of Introdans
  • Event 8 Press conference – VIP (E. Boyer, JW Overwater)
  • Event 9 Bulgaria in 2014 – presentation for BIBA members
  • Event 10 Clients’ party


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Perperikon Opening Event

Perperikon, as one of the most valuable archaeological discoveries in Bulgaria, has the potential of
creating significant promotion for Bulgaria’s historic heritage and can in future become a significant
contributor to the development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria.


From left to right: Georgi Parvanov, President of Bulgaria, Jan Willem Overwater, Country Manager ING Bulgaria, Rayna Tzvetkova, Corporate Communications, Nikolay Ovcharov, archeologist Perperikon

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Speed Networking is a quick way for expanding one’s network of contacts. People of different backgrounds have the opportunity to:

  • Get Together
  • Get Talking
  • Get Connected

Benefits of the Speed Networking model:

  • Guaranteed mini meeting with every attendee
  • Targeted conversation with anyone present
  • No membership fees as is the case with club meetings



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