• Internal communications that affect directly employee engagement;
  • Adding value by providing sound communications advice to all stakeholders.

Below are samples of Intranets and events I have set up and managed:

Habitat for Humanity International, EMEA (Dec. 2017 – Sept. 2022)

Set up and management of EME & AFR Communications Hub – an internal platform for quick and easy sharing of information among colleagues within the region, by making resources available to Habitat countries in EME & AFR. Results as of September 2022: Posts: 942; Pages: 31; Media items – 3,295 *


Valuable asset for knowledge and useful information sharing within the organisation though the regions in which SDSD is operational – Europe, Far East and Americas


Groupama (Bulgaria)

Development of bilingual – in English and Bulgarian – Intranet Site.
Weekly updates with corporate news, as well as news shared by employees.


Employee Engagement Events

  • Branded events – ING Orange Day for Employees
  • Delicious Fridays – SDSD
  • Angles in the Office – SDSD
  • Team Building Events – ING, SDSD


Efficient external communications start with the development of short, medium and long-term objectives and plans, and their proper implementation

  • Building and maintaining successful working relationships at all levels;
  • Problem-solving in a variety of situations, including crisis management;
  • Media and social media relations and management, CSR event management.

Website Management


Corporate Social Responsibility Events

  • Perperikon
  • Rodin’s exhibition

Newsletters & E-mail Marketing

Media Relations

  • ING (1997 – 2009)
    NRC Handelsblad – ING Bulgaria sponsors a website of the European Machu Picchu


  • Idea generator (big picture, conceptual) + Doer (implementor)
  • Extensive experience in content marketing
  • Fluent and expert at using: Google Analytics, WordPress Stats, A/B testing tools …

Websites built by me on WordPress:

Porto Property – in English, French, and Portuguese

Dessi Lashkova‘s website – practicing consultant therapist, a graduate of the first pilot class of the four-year program in Gestalt therapy at the BULGARIAN INSTITUTE OF GESTALT THERAPY (BIGT), part of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy. (2016)

Zana Sense -in English & Greek (2015)
Book an appointment for Eastern massage, Aromotherapy, Accupressure, Facial & Body Treatments.


Skills-based volunteering. Here are some WordPress websites built pro bono by me:

  • Katerina & Anton wedding (authorised access only – 2015)
  • Perperikon Bulgaria
  • Prof. Savvas C. Savvides, PhD – in English. Prof. Savvas C. Savvides, European University Cyprus, is the author of nine university level textbooks. Get in touch with him via his website to place your order. (2015)
  • Groupama International Meeting – Istanbul 2014 (*) – in French & English. Authorised access only. Site built pro bono for Groupama Convention, held in Istanbul in 2014.


Dimitrina_ScreenshotHand made jewellery by Dimitrina – for buying or ordering a hand-made item by Dimitrina, call: +357 96 34 33 64

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